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We understand that individuals need and desire opportunities to perform as a means of self-expression. Thus, every year the Fine Arts Department organizes an Arts Festival, a full week when the Arts come together and students show a potpourri of projects that they developed during the school year.The Fine Arts Department at EAR offers courses in Music (Nursery through grade12), Band (elementary, middle and high school), Flute, Drama, Photography, Photo-Journalism (middle and high school), Visual Arts ( Nursery through grade 12), Studio Art (middle and high school), Art History (grade 10), AP Art History and AP Studio Arts. EAR fosters the creative process of students as an integral part of academic life.

Elizabeth Moreira, Kadna Cordeiro, Raquel Souto, Camila Falcão, Debora Queiroga.

American School of Recife (Since 1957)
CNPJ: 10.833.408/0001-06
Rua Sá e Souza, 408, Boa Viagem,
Recife/PE - Brazil 51.030-065
+55 81 3341-4716 info@ear.com.br

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