life andlearning

The American School of Recife takes great pride in being one of the leading teaching and learning institutions in Brazil

As a Cognia accredited school, our curriculum has been designed to meet and exceed the requirements of educational governing bodies in both the United States and Brazil, meaning students who attend EAR will have the opportunity to earn both an American and Brazilian Diploma upon graduation. 

We are a school that constantly reviews, reflects, and adapts to implement the most contemporary and best instructional practices for our students.  We examine our work, data, and the latest research to refine what & how we teach (Curriculum) so that every student can learn at their very best.  

We know that this means two things must happen:

First, the academic curricula in each subject area must be rigorous and aligned with appropriate grade-level standards, so that we can develop the critical thinkers and learners our school mission requires.  At EAR our curriculum and instructional practices are guided by two predominant sets of standards, AERO (American Education Reaches Out) and BNCC (Base Nacional Comum Curricular).  These standards scaffold learning from one grade level to the next, are discipline specific, and provide the structure to ensure all students receive the content, critical thinking, and application skills required for academic success.  These specific standards are found in both Brazilian and International Schools and designed to prepare students for the most prestigious colleges and universities around the world. 

Second, students must love the learning process, so that we can instill the characteristics we know to be evident in all life-long learners.  At EAR the curricula that we employ work purposefully to cultivate a love for reading a new book or writing a new creative story.  They are designed to engage our students’ curiosities toward discovering new meaning.  They are designed to promote questions and inquiry that lead to collecting data to understand more about our world.  We don’t believe that a curriculum should be packaged ready to be delivered in the form of teaching.  Rather, we believe it is a living scaffold of structures that can constantly be rearranged to support learning in all the different ways that each of our students’ needs. Our students deserve the opportunity to struggle, to be challenged and supported, to express themselves & their ideas, and to share their learning with the world. 

The mission at EAR reminds us that critical thinking and lifelong learning should be a part of the identity of every individual at our school and every aspect of our curricular practices. We are here to develop the “whole child” which is why each of the curriculum we use at EAR embraces these two key principles about how and what we teach and learn so that the learning needs of ALL students are met.  This includes both the curricula of core subjects (Math, English, Science, Social Studies, and Portuguese) as well as those of specials, electives, and our Social Emotional Learning.