The future begins here!

The ECC years is when the choice to continue learning throughout your life is formed. 

A fundamental premise of the Early Learning Success Curriculum is that children matter. Although this may be a simplistic thought, it is at the heart of what we believe is important in providing quality programming for children. And it is the driving force behind the continued investigation of new research and best practices for children, and integrating this new learning into the ongoing curriculum development.  

We know that the childhood years are a time of immense opportunity and growth. And because of this, children deserve a quality early childhood education program that provides them with engaging activities and learning experiences that facilitate positive development. The Early Learning Success Curriculum promotes school readiness by supporting developmental domains and early learning standards.

Our Early Childhood Center is located in a quiet area on our large campus surrounded by tree-shaded green spaces with carefully planned age-appropriate playgrounds for creative exploration and play. Inside, our ECC classrooms are designed to nurture optimal learning, safety, and health. The ECC also has its own cafeteria and driveway specifically designed to support our youngest learners’ needs in Nursery, PreK-3, and PreK-4.

The early childhood years are a time of immense opportunity and growth that should include a high-quality, researched-based early developmental educational program. The Early Learning Success Curriculum provides school readiness through activities and experiences that address the needs of the whole child in all developmental domains and early learning standards:

  • Social & Emotional Development
  • Approaches to Learning
  • Creativity and the Arts
  • Language and Speaking Development: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
  • Cognitive Development: math, logic and reasoning, science, and social systems of understanding
  • Physical and Motor Development

Early Learning Success creates an environment that provides a foundation for children to build key relationships with educators and other children through experiences that help them learn about and understand the world around them and build safe, nurturing relationships.

Our ECC program maintains a high teacher to student ratio:

  • The Nursery division has three classrooms with an adult ratio of 1:6
  • The PreK-3 division has two classrooms with an adult ratio of  1:9
  • The PreK-4 division has two classrooms with an adult ratio of 1:10

Early Childhood Education is the key to the betterment of society. Don’t miss the opportunity to make EAR your second home.