Brazilian Studies

We are delighted to be able to participate in the academic training of our students, offering our Brazilian Studies program.

The Brazilian Studies Program, at Escola Americana do Recife, includes mandatory national studies, required by the Brazilian Government for the School to obtain a local accreditation, to function as a regulated institution, and with valid curricula, nationally and internationally, for Brazilian citizens.

Our curriculum focuses on the Common National Curriculum Base, where competences and skills are recommended for general academic training and the transformation of students into citizens of high critical, reflective and responsible performance towards their country and the world.

The Brazilian Studies program is committed to student learning, especially with the mother tongue, as a reference of identity, for natives, from early childhood education to high school. They are children and young people who develop, daily, through linguistic knowledge as a way of accessing cultural goods, in Portuguese, this being the way of access to the History and Geography of their country and their relations with the civilized world throughout our history.

The aspects of art and culture that complement the comprehensive curriculum offered by our program are highlighted. This learning also includes knowledge of Philosophy and Sociology Learning is a systematic need that makes sense of the school’s existence as a space for the socialization of knowledge.

It is through the school that students learn to deal with information, being protagonists of their own lives. It is in this sense, that the Brazilian studies program, at Escola Americana do Recife, contributes to the growth of our students in partnership with families so that we have success and success in learning.

"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela

Mr. Quintino Orengo
Brazilian Studies Director
The American School of Recife